Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Friends

Last night we had Casey, Kari and baby Mallory over for a visit. It was so fun getting together and hanging out with the babies. Since the girls are only six weeks apart it's nice to know we are all experiencing many of the same things together. Aubrey was a chatter box and babbled the whole time. She wore herself out and slept an extra hour and half this morning which was great! Mallory was so cute, we couldn't get over all her hair and how strong she is with her legs. They are both very happy easy going babies which makes it much easier for us all. I didn't get a lot of pictures but can't wait for more from Kari and her new camera!

Trying solids...

At Aubrey's four month appt, Dr. Hankins advised we can start introducing solids. I have tried a couple times and she doesn't seem that interested but the pictures sure are funny. She really enjoys her highchair so that's a plus.

Baby Jesus

Aubrey had her first acting debut as Baby Jesus in her daycare Christmas program. She barely made the cut as they always use the youngest baby and new baby Jonah started the next day. She was cute even though she was a four month old Baby Jesus with a nook in her mouth! All the kids were adorable and I can't wait for next year!

Christmas Time

Inspired by Kari K., I will try to be better about posting pictures. Our first Christmas with Aubrey was wonderful. Of course she really didn't understand the importance of the day but she did great throughout the week. We traveled to Madison and spend lots of time with both of our families. Aubrey's schedule was all messed up by week's end but she was a trooper and never got fussy. She enjoyed meeting several new great cousins and other relatives. Of course she received way too many clothes to add to her already overpopulated closet. I won't even list how many six months outfits she has now. Today I just started putting away three month outfits, some still fit but she has so many six months outfits to wear I need to start being deliberate about making sure she is able to wear them before she outgrows them. The highlighted outfit is the pink/brown fur jacket from Aunt Lori, can't wait to post pictures of it.
Here are some pictures of our time with family.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best Friends

Just a couple of my favorite pictures of Aubrey
and Tate! She loves watching him and is
discovering how much fun it is to grab him. He
does a great job of putting up with her and
when he gets tired of it he just walks away.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The First Call From Daycare

My heart starting beating fast when I saw the number pop up on my caller id at work. It wasn't quite the same number as daycare but close enough that I figured it was probably a different extension at daycare. When I picked up the phone I heard "It's Miss Jessica from Circle of Friends." I braced for the worse but she was only calling because Aubrey had slept all morning from the time I dropped her off at 7:30 to 12:15 when she called. I was very surprised since she slept 7.5 and 7 hrs the two nights before. She said she had been checking in on her and she was very soundly asleep. She asked if I wanted her to wake her. I said yes since I was a little worried about her sleeping that long during the day after such a long night of sleep (plus I want her to sleep tonight!). I was also a little worried sometime else was wrong but was reassured my all my mom friends at work that it's just fine, she's growing plus it's a new adjustment this week. She woke up then and took a bottle and then took another 1+ hr nap in the afternoon and then fell asleep during our walk after work. I'm not sure what to expect tonight. I'm sure she is just worn out from all the new excitement of daycare. She does sound a little stuffed up but nothing too serious. Thanks for those germs Jonah! :) Pray for a good night of sleep for me and her!