Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Time

Inspired by Kari K., I will try to be better about posting pictures. Our first Christmas with Aubrey was wonderful. Of course she really didn't understand the importance of the day but she did great throughout the week. We traveled to Madison and spend lots of time with both of our families. Aubrey's schedule was all messed up by week's end but she was a trooper and never got fussy. She enjoyed meeting several new great cousins and other relatives. Of course she received way too many clothes to add to her already overpopulated closet. I won't even list how many six months outfits she has now. Today I just started putting away three month outfits, some still fit but she has so many six months outfits to wear I need to start being deliberate about making sure she is able to wear them before she outgrows them. The highlighted outfit is the pink/brown fur jacket from Aunt Lori, can't wait to post pictures of it.
Here are some pictures of our time with family.

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