Monday, October 6, 2008

Let the Germs Begin

So we survived our first day! Brian and I dropped her off at 7:30. We were greeted by Miss Jessica, pictured above. Every morning we fill out a sheet letting Miss Jessica know how her morning was. During the day, it will be filled out with nap, feeding and diaper times. It's a great way to know how her day was without being there. Miss Jessica said she only cried once when she was in the middle of feeding her and had to stop for a second to tend to another baby. I did pretty well, was able to fight back the tears before they really came streaming out. Lots of deep breaths got me through the morning. I only called once to check in on her!
I am realizing how easy she is going to pick up germs. When I picked her up this afternoon, a little boy named Jonah was sitting in a bouncer with lots of snot coming from his nose and Miss Jessica confirmed he had a cold. Bring on the germs! I'm just hoping he was kept away from the other babies most of the day.
So we made it past the first day. Brian is gone the rest of the week so we will miss him and look forward to having him back on Friday. It will be nice to have Kathy's help on Tuesday and Wednesday.
And oh's very weird to call her young daycare teacher Miss Jessica but that's what they do! :)

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